About Us

Our Story.

We're a family owned chiropractic table manufacturing company located in sunny Florida. We've been building chiropractic equipment since 2007. Today we manufacture a complete line of affordable tables that are designed to ship quickly, customize easily, look great and withstand the rigors of a high-volume practice. We have tables in offices all over the world and would love to have one in your office as well.

Our Mission.

To listen and understand our customers needs first. Make sure we can fulfill those needs and if not refer them where those needs can be met. Ultimately supply and support tables that will be functional, durable, enjoyable to use, and attractive to look at.

What We Will Do.

Our goal is to be accessible to you 24/7.  If you have questions, we are here to answer them. We know that in your busy practice when you have an equipment issue everything stops.  You can contact us via phone, email or text at any time. We respond quickly, even after hours, weekends and holidays.

What We Won’t Do.

Share your personal information with anyone.   Bother you with salespeople calling and pressure to purchase.  We take orders and never do “sales”.