Table Maintence

Maintenance For All Table Models

LOG:  It is a good idea for liability purposes to keep a log of when you maintain all your equipment.

LEGS: As patients are treated on the table its legs will settle over time.  This can cause the leg bolts to require tightening. We suggest that you tighten the leg bolts once after about 2 weeks of use and again at about 3 months.  You can then check the bolts about once every 6 months for maximum safety. If at any time the table legs seem or appear loose, please tighten them.  DO NOT wait for a scheduled maintenance period.


TABLE LEVELING:  To level your table place it in the approximate position where it will be used.  The bolt holes on the legs are oversized to accommodate approximately 1/4” of leveling and ease assembly.

When the chair is in position, loosen the leg bolts to just snug.  DO NOT loosen them to the point where the washers will spin.

Place your hands on the table (or kneel on it) and “wiggle” it a bit so it can settle to the shape of your floor.  When satisfied, and without moving the table, from the underside tighten the bolts to snug. DO NOT over tighten. The bolt is fully tightened when the cut lock washer is fully compressed and flat.

DROPS:    To keep your drops running smooth and fast lubricate them every three to six months with WD40.   Cock the drop, then look where the plunger comes out of the white drop block. Spray a very small amount of WD40 on the plunger to lubricate it.  Cycle the drop several times to spread the lubricant.

You will also find that lubricating the drops will cure many issues that arise from long term use including sticking and difficulty cocking.

NAUGAHYDE CUSHION COVERS:  Do NOT use any cleaning product containing oil on your table cushions.  Oil will break down the coverings and cause them to become “gummy” and crack.  Uniroyal corporation suggests using a 2% common household bleach to water solution for daily cleaning and disinfecting between patients and a 10% solution in the event of heavy stains.  We can be contacted for a copy of Uniroyal’s official care and cleaning guide.