Sun Chiro Table was founded and started by Dr. Dennis Ostrowski and his wife Debbie. Dr. Dennis graduated from LIFE University and practiced for over 12 years before building the first tables. What began as a family affair of creating high-quality and affordable chiropractic tables 15 years ago has quickly outgrown its small roots and spread to a team of individuals who make this vision possible.

We are rooted in producing the most positive experience for both the doctors and their patients. Being a chiropractor himself, this was always Dr. Dennis' mission from the beginning. So rest assured that our tables from the smallest detail always have the chiropractor and the patient's experience in mind.




Mechanical parts for the tables are precision machined and welded in our very own facility through a detailed process for optimal function.


The table surface is one of the essential parts of a chiropractic table. All upholstery work is cut and sewn by our team, so we maintain a consistent quality of work for you and your patients' comfort


Fabricated parts come together for the final step. Assembly by hand through a skilled team and undergo a rigorous 3 step inspection to ensure they are up to standards and ready for shipment to their new home.