How to Arrange Table Financing

How to Arrange Table Financing

An Easy Guide to Arranging Table Financing.

This brief article has been compiled to help you find a way to get the tables you need, even if you do
not have the means to purchase them outright. By reading on, we will suggest several options. However, please
understand that there are many more out there. Just do a Google search.

While we will mention several third-party capital sources, we do NOT endorse any of them, nor do we
receive any compensation or commission should you decide to use them. Our only benefit from your
financing is the sale of our tables.

In-House Finance Option:
One of the most frequent questions we are asked is do we offer financing for tables. The simple answer
is yes. However, we only allow three of our four financed deals at any given time, AND it should be
regarded more as a means to purchase tables outright rather than a true financing option.

Our plan is ½ of the total quoted amount down to place the order. The balance due is then divided into
two or three payments depending on the size of the outstanding balance. The first payment is due 30
days after table shipment. Subsequent payments are scheduled every 30 days until the tables are paid
in full.

The payments are billed to the card on file at the time of order placement. We remind you 48 hours before charging your card. If there is a potential issue, we will work it out with you.

There is no credit check or interest. Just a simple statement of the terms on your quote which you
initial to indicate your acceptance.

Web Store Based ShopPay Options (Powered by Affirm):

Built into the checkout process in our online store located at is an option to use
ShopPay. ShopPay is a service provided by Affirm, a well-known provider of consumer credit. It
consists of three possible options.

1. Four payments of the total
2. Six months no interest if paid in full.
3. Low monthly installment payments.

In all cases, you select the ShopPay option during checkout and complete their application process.
Generally, this takes only a few minutes, and you are quickly notified if approved. You
would complete the checkout process when approved using ShopPay as your payment method.

Much like our in-house finance option if you are looking for a way to purchase your tables outright, but
don't want to put out all the cash up front; options 1 and 2 above are desirable.

The installment option is similar to a credit card or other unsecured consumer credit. Expect easy
approval but higher interest rates.

NCMIC (Gold standard equipment financing/leasing):
If you have been in practice for some time AND have good to excellent credit. Then NCMIC likely
has the best lending experience and the lowest rates you can expect to find. We have worked with them
literally for years. They are the only lender we use that has never had a customer-reported complaint.

However, if you are getting into practice or have less than good credit. You are unlikely to qualify
for any of their programs.

We are set up with NCMIC directly. All you need is approval from them and a quote from us, and they
will fund your purchase. To apply with NCMIC, please go to the link below:

NCMIC Financing

PayPal Buyer Credit:
If you have a PayPal account, or even if you don't, consider PayPal Credit. This consumer loan is
based almost entirely on your credit history and income. The rates are generally competitive but
nothing fantastic. Mostly, they don't care how long you have been in practice, and the
approval process is quick and online. We have seen many doctors newly out of school and with lower
credit scores get approved.

Once approved, you will know what your spending limit is. Now you have two options. First,
go to our online store and select PayPal Credit as your checkout option. The other is to contact
us with what you would like. We will then generate a PayPal invoice which we will email to you.
Next, click the link and select PayPal credit as your payment method.

To see if you qualify, please follow the link below:

PayPal Financing

FinancialCorp (Broker)
We have worked with several brokers over the years. No matter which one you use, doctors will
report either loving the experience or hating it. Often this has to do with the fact that they are brokers.
They are not funding the loan. Instead, they take a snapshot of your credit and financial situation and
then try and find a loan product that best fits your situation. They often get you financing; however,
the product selected in the end might not be the best. They have a "portfolio" of
lenders that they work with directly.

We have worked with FinancialCorp a great deal over the years. Early on, they arranged much of the
financing for the Maximized Living offices that were direct franchises. That's where we met them.
Our takeaway is that they do a good job, BUT they like working deals of $5000 or more.

So if you want an equipment package (x-ray, tables, computers, etc.). This might well be the way to go.
Especially if you are more recently in practice and only have "okay" credit. They have lots of
options in that portfolio.

To apply with FinacialCorp, contact Geoff below.

Geoff Barnes
FinancialCorp Leasing
Office: 800-770-8550 ext 104
Mobile: 509-294-6678

Direct to Consumer Lending: 
In this category is your bank.  It is always a good idea to go your personal bank, see a loan officer, and 
determine if it's possible they might extend a loan or credit card to meet your table purchasing needs. 
If however they can not, then there are a number of direct to consumer financing options.  While some 
of these specialize in low rates and people with excellent credit (think NCMIC), there are also those 
that specialize in the more difficult cases.   I am going to give you two of those as if you are reading 
this, then you are likely having financing challenges. 



Recently acquired by First Citizens Bank we have done a number of deals with them over the years.  

They have been able to do financing for recently in practice and for lower credit scores.  They have a 
great number of products to select from.  To apply with CIT follow the link below: 


CIT Financing

If you have applied elsewhere and been turned down this might be something to check out.  They tend 
to be more flexible and approve more people.  You are not going to use them because you are trying to 
get an excellent rate.  You use them because they are likely to approve you.  To apply with Clicklease 
follow the link below: 

ClickLease Financing

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