Thoracic Drop Options Explained

Thoracic Drop Options Explained

There are three thoracic drop options available on most Sun Chiro Tables:

1. The first thoracic drop option is a 2/3 cushion like on our standard tables, online falling at the front with a small fixed cushion at the top of the table. Handle activated. Apex of the drop is at T6 so it is a true thoracic drop equally putting energy in above and below T6. Is also great for either prone or supine shoulder adjusting. Cost of this configuration is $150 on any table. It's the go-to value thoracic drop which fits into a Thompson style view of practice. Not available on Contemporary III tables.

2. Next we have a full-length thoracic kick drop hinged behind the headpiece and falling at the rear in front of the lumbo/pelvic cushion. The pedal is situated so that you can easily cock both the thoracic and lumbo/pelvic drops simultaneously. This allows you to drop the full spine and augment side posture. It works as a traditional thoraco/lumbar drop, or better yet, can work more like a lumbar drop without having to move shorter patients down the table to reach the lumbo/pelvic cushion properly. Cost of this drop is $250.

3. Finally we have an upper thoracic, handle-activated drop falling at the front and thoraco/lumbar kick drop also falling at the front. Essentially an upper thoracic drop that's good from C7/T1 down to about T10 and then a thoraco/lumbar drop good from T10 down through the lumbars. A true Thompson setup. The upper thoracic is also good for doing moves like the CBP forward cervical drop in extension while simultaneously dropping the upper thoracic for maximal traction, or for doing an augmented C7/T1 or first rib from the head of the table, etc. Cost of this setup is $400 for both drops. Not available on Contemporary III tables. For upper thoracic and thoraco/lumbar drop options on Contemporary Tables please see number 4 below.

Only Available on Contemporary III Tables:

4. For our Contemporary Line we have a single full-length thoracic cushion stretching from below the headpiece to the lumbo/pelvic drop. A special customized hinging system allows an upper thoracic drop falling at the front AND a thoraco/lumbar drop falling at the rear. You have 17.5 inches of active surface in either direction. This allows for the simultaneous use of the thoraco/lumbar drop with the lumbo/pelvic drop for full spine dropping or augmented side posture. Meets traditional Thompson drop requirements. Both the upper and thoraco/lumbar drops can be used simultaneously, elevating the entire cushion at both ends and dropping the full cushion at a reduced usable drop capacity of 225 lbs (normal single use drop capacity is 500lbs). On Stationary models this drop has the option of being either handle or kick activated. Elevation models are available with handle activation only.

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