Features - Standard Line


Drop Specifications

  • The cocking method for Standard Line drop tables is bilateral cocking handles for thoracic and lumbo-pelvic drops and a cocking handle for the headpiece drop.
  • Drops are a full 0.75 inches and can adjust to zero force fall.
  • The lumbo-pelvic drop will accommodate patients to 450 pounds.
  • Drop tension for the thoracic and lumbo-pelvic drops is located on the left side of table. Cervical drop tension is located on the right side of the headpiece.
  • The tilting headpiece allows 30 degrees of forward flexion and 30 degrees of extension.

    • The contoured solid wood frame has been designed for patient positioning and comfort.
    • Generous table dimensions of 70" long x 22" provide a stable adjusting platform while keeping your patients within easy reach during treatment (table body is 54" long x 22" wide, headpiece is
      16" long x 12" wide with a 2" nose slot).
    • The unibody design of our tables means no squeaking even under the heaviest loads (all parts are glued together prior to attachment with screws).
    • 3/4" cabinet grade plywood is used for all cushions - we never use chipboard or particle board.
    • The working weight of all Standard Line and Prestige Line tables is 750 pounds.
    • All visible woodwork on our Standard Line tables is whitewashed or black stained pine with two coats of polyacrylic.
      • You can select from 15 Spirit Line Naugahyde colors.
      • We use 2½" firm foam on the main table body cushions providing a very supportive adjusting surface. Headpiece cushions use 2½" medium foam for patient comfort.
      • This table is available in five heights: 18", 20", 22", 24", 26".
      • The face paper holder and cutter accommodates standard 8½" by 125 foot rolls.
      • The arm rests are 3½" x 12". Arm rest foam is 1½" firm foam.