So Where Did the “Garden Hose Go”?

So Where Did the “Garden Hose Go”?

In the following brief excerpts I will relate my attempt to provide insight to our chiropractic colleagues abroad who have had only a thimble full of chiropractic philosophy as part of their education—doing anything without a framework of context as to why leads only to pointless pursuits.
So the original "garden hose" idea of moving a bone to remove nerve pressure, thereby restoring proper nerve flow to the tissues and organs, with the result being the absence of dis-ease, is pretty much gone.
It has been replaced with an idea of facilitation. Facilitation is a straightforward way to look at the chiropractic subluxation and explain it to patients before educating them on the subluxation complex and how it impacts health.
With facilitation it is not the nerve being compressed and nervous energy not reaching the tissues and organs RATHER the opposite. The nerve is hyper-irritated (in other words, facilitated). A neuro-bio-mechanical lesion (the chiropractic subluxation) has created a situation whereby the nerve has been stimulated (increased action potential) to such an extent that it will take minimal additional outside stimuli to cause it to fire. So much so that everyday activity which should not cause it to fire WILL cause it to fire and send incorrect or too much information to the distal tissues and organs, causing dis-ease symptoms. On a positive note from the chiropractor's perspective, such facilitation results in waiting rooms of patients manifesting bread and butter complaints of headache and back pain.

You may also observe that patients will report the resolution of medical conditions while under your care. Heart palpitation, gastrointestinal unrest, chronic earaches, amenorrhea (I like this one as one of my first clinical experiences was a 28-year-old female that had never had chiropractic care had not had a period in three years. Her gynecologist told her she was infertile, I adjusted her, she started her period, got pregnant, and blamed me) just to name a few. Not with treating the condition or symptom but rather by "clearing" the subluxation and returning proper nerve flow (now you know the why behind medical conditions going away with chiropractic care). You also have a purpose—eliminating dis-ease through chiropractic subluxation correction. A profession is born.

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