Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence

We need to cover two concepts misunderstood by those outside the chiropractic profession. I am not going to go into them in-depth. Instead, I'm just going to touch on them from a definition/historical perspective so that if I mention them in my other discussions, you will have context. Let's start with Innate Intelligence. Back in Palmer's day and even into the 1960/'70s, chiropractors would get hit with a false label that we were a religion or cult. Much of this had to do with the idea of Innate Intelligence. The whole "Above, down, inside out" healing idea. Very simply, Innate Intelligence is that naturally occurring force within the body that directs all functions, including healing. Failure of Innate Intelligence to flow correctly to the tissues and organs results in dis-ease. We understand this Innate Intelligence today to be the neural connection of the brain to every tissue and organ of the body. The brain is ultimately in control of all bodily functions.

Not so weird now, is it?

Now, let's couple Innate Intelligence with the Limitations of Matter.

The limitations of matter are the natural constraints under which the body finds itself. For example, the body only has so much energy, bodybuilding blocks (proteins, hormones, etc.), and the ability to respond in a time frame consistent with the situation being faced.

So putting Innate Intelligence together with the bodies inherent (each person is different) limitations of matter you get:

Have a cold, have a chiropractic subluxation, remove that subluxation. Then, innate Intelligence directs the immune system subject to its resources (limitations of matter, but you have everything you need on hand), and you get well.

Have pneumonia, have a chiropractic subluxation, remove that subluxation, Innate Intelligence directs the immune system subject to its resources (limitations of matter, but you are tired, have had poor nutrition, suffer from chronic medical conditions, are obese, etc.), your immune system is insufficient to cure pneumonia even though you have a proper flow of Innate Intelligence. You die.

There are many cases in which being free of a chiropractic subluxation, having proper Innate Intelligence at work, subject to the natural limitations of matter, does NOT result in healing or lack of symptoms. Instead, the body does NOT have the resources to heal the situation on hand, and therefore we must look "outside" the body for intervention to support the healing process. You can read this as Medicine or any other outside force being applied to the body when the body's inherent system is insufficient to have a positive outcome.

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